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Last Updated: Nov 02, 2018 01:10PM EDT

How to Create / Modify a ProductCart 5.x Theme

This Guide will take you through creating a custom theme for ProductCart 5.x. We will also discuss how to modify a new or existing theme.

Installing the Starter Theme

The easiest way to kick start your new theme is by downloading our starter theme. The empty theme comes with all of the files you need to get going. It is a blank canvas that you can use to design the next hit theme. Follow the steps below to install the starter theme:
  1. Download the theme pack here.
  2. Unzip the theme pack to your local computer
  3. Copy the starter theme directory into your local ProductCart directory.
  4. Rename the theme directory to give your theme a unique name
  5. Upload the entire directory to the folder /store/pc/themes/
That's all there is to it. You now have the starter theme installed on your store.
We recommend that you install your starter theme on a development copy of your store. That way you can work with the theme design in a "sandbox" environment.

Installing a 3rd Party Theme

ProductCart allows you to install themes developed by 3rd Parties, such as resellers and designers. Follow the steps below to install the 3rd party theme:
  1. Unzip the theme directory to your local computer
  2. Upload the entire directory to the folder /store/pc/themes/
That's all there is to it. Your theme will now be available under the Display Settings menu in your ProductCart control panel.

Modifying Your Theme

Modifying a theme is very easy. Follow these simple rules to change the look of your theme:
  • To change HTML in the header or footer you will need to edit the following files:
    • store/pc/theme/your_theme/header.asp
    • store/pc/theme/your_theme/footer.asp
  • To change CSS Styles (e.g. colors, fonts, font sizes, etc.) will need to edit the following file:
    • store/pc/theme/your_theme/css/theme.css


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