Troubleshooting Synchronizer

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014 02:51PM EDT

Communication Issues

If you are having problems with ProductCart not communicating with QuickBooks (and vice versa):
  1. Verify that QuickBooks is running and your company file is open
    QuickBooks must be open the first time you run Web Connector. All subsequent times you may keep QuickBooks closed.
  2. Verify that the ProductCart Synchronizer is running
    Try to load the following URL. Note: You will need to replace "" with your correct domain name. Also note that you might have renamed the "productcart" folder, and your Control Panel folder.
    1. If the URL loads correctly, go to step 2.
    2. If not, please ensure you have created an application directory during the installation process and your directory has been granted permission for the ASP.NET web user. Many Web hosting administration areas contain tools to create an application folder, but contact your Web host if you need help with this step.
  3. Verify Web Connector has been installed correctly
    During the setup process ProductCart created a settings file for Web Connector (the file has a ”.qwc” extension). When Web Connector is launched, it should list ProductCart as an application to connect to. Did the file load into Web Connector? If not, please see Activate Web Connector. If it loaded successfully, you should view “ProductCart Synchronizer” when you open the Web Connector. You will also find a location to save a password.
    1. Make sure the password you enter into Web Connector is the same one you created during the setup wizard.
    2. QuickBooks should be open when you run Web Connector the first time.
    3. If you are using Windows Vista, make sure that User Access Control (UAC) is enabled. UAC is the security service that comes with Windows Vista. It is enabled by default. So, unless you manually deactivated UAC, it should be running. If you have deactivated UAC you must turn it back on via your Windows Control Panel under Security Settings.
  4. Check the Log Files
    In the following file there should be a log if Web Connector successfully connected with ProductCart. Please check for a log file now. You will need to zip and e-mail this log file to our technical support team if your application still does not load and you need to open a support ticket.
  5. SBA Hosting
    Our good partners over at the SBA have implemented some strict security. No problem, you just need to make a small tweak to the web.config file. You can find this file in the directory “pcadmin/QuickBooks/webservices/web.config”. Open the file up in notepad (or any text editor) and Find the following line:
    <httpRuntime executionTimeout="999999" maxRequestLength="2097151"></httpRuntime>
    Delete the entire line, save, and re-upload to the server.

Information not updated as expected

Let's assume that a new Web store order does not show in QuickBooks, or an inventory synchronization does not appear to have been completed successfully. How can you find out if there was an issue and what the issue was?
  • From the ProductCart Synchronizer home page (QB_default.asp), select Help > Support Console (QB_Manager.asp)
  • See Support Console for details on the information provided there

I cannot get past Step 4 of the Setup Wizard: Company file is not imported

This probably means ProductCart and QuickBooks are unable to communicate because the Web Connector is not set up properly. Try following the instructions in the "Communications Issues" section of this troubleshooting guide.

Error: Account missing in transaction detail lines

You receive this error when exporting a Sales Receipt, Invoice, or Sales Order. QuickBooks error message: "There is an account missing in one or more items used in the transaction detail lines". This error occurs when one of the accounts referenced in your transaction does not have a required account. To resolve the error please make sure all of your items have the required income accounts.

Synchronization was working, then stopped

Typically the error you receive is “Authentication Failed” and lower in the error details “Server Unavailable”. This happens when the “pcadmin/Quickbooks/webservice” folder, which is an “application directory”, is no longer functioning properly. If you have access to IIS, try the following (otherwise contact your Web hosting company):
  • ​Remove the application from that folder, and re-add it.
  • Create a separate application pool and assign it to the application.

Mapping Issues

In order to allow you to create a link between products in the ProductCart database and items in the QuickBooks company file, the Synchronizer allows you to map the two. This allows inventory tracking, among other things.

You import the Chart of Accounts to bring item information into ProductCart and then use a mapping utility to perform the mapping. When the part number in QuickBooks (MPN) corresponds to the one in ProductCart (SKU), the items are auto-mapped. Otherwise, you can map them manually.

The alternative to mapping would be for you to manually copy over each item. Since ProductCart-powered stores often have catalog with hundreds if not thousands of products, this would not be feasible in most cases.

That said, mappings are “tricky” in that they can break and lead to technical issues. Specifically:
  • If you delete something in ProductCart the mapping is invalid
  • If you delete something in QB the mapping is invalid
  • If you re-generate apparel sub-products the mapping is invalid
  • If you add items in QB you must import your Chart of Account again for them to appear in ProductCart
  • If your SQL db is slow, you have IIS filters, low memory, etc. then you may have trouble importing your Chart of Accounts

Technical Support Incidents

ProductCart Synchronizer technical support requests are handled using on a per-incident basis. Open a Support Incident or read more about Technical Support Incidents.


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