How to Rename the "productcart" Folder

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 12:39PM EST

Steps to Edit it

All of ProductCart's files are by default included in a folder called productcart. You may rename the productcart folder to personalize the address of your store, but you should NOT remove it, or alter the folder hierarchy. You can rename the productcart folder before or after you install and activate ProductCart, but since there are a few things to change if you do this after the fact, it’s a good idea to make this change before you start using the software.

For example, the URL to the default homepage is typically something like:

But you might want to change it to something like:

You must not remove the productcart folder. To rename it, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the file productcartfolder.asp in the includes directory and download it to your local system using your favorite FTP program

  2. Open the file with Notepad or HTML editor and change the name productcart to any other name that you would like to use (only use alphanumeric characters in the name and no spaces). Save the edited file and re-upload it to your server via FTP

  3. Change the name of the productcart folder itself to the new folder name that you have just entered in the productcartfolder.asp file. In the example mentioned above, the file would be edited from
    private const scPcFolder="productcart"
    private const scPcFolder="shop"

"Order Received" E-mails

You might also need to change the link in the 'copy' for the 'Order Received' email, which can be accessed via: Settings> Store Settings> E-mail Settings

Ecommerce Widget for Blogs

If you have installed the ecommerce widget for blogs you will also need to re-generate the widget.




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