How to Setup a Facebook Store

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018 03:34PM EST

Facebook Setup

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page

Follow Facebook’s own page tutorial here:

Step 2: Create a Facebook App

To create a Facebook app, navigate to the Facebook Developer Homepage. Next, click on Apps on the top of the page and select 'Create a New App'.
 A popup will appear, asking you to select the Platform Type. Select Advanced Setup, at the bottom.

This will create a popup box that will prompt you to enter two things:
•       A display name. This is the app name used when stories are published to Facebook and in a number of other places. Use Online Store or something similar.
•       A namespace. Not required for this guide so just leave it blank.
•       A category. Select the appropriate category for your store.
Once you've created your app you'll be provided with a dashboard that shows User and API Stats. From this screen, click on Settings on the left.
Complete the following fields:
•       Contact Email. Your developer email address.
•       App Domains. The domain that your app will be hosted on (without the http:// or https:// prefix.) 
This example is a basic web page, but will be embedded in your page using a Facebook Tab. Click Add Platform at the bottom of the page and select Page tab.
Now you will be provided with a Page Tab section. 
Complete the following fields:
•       Page Tab Name
•       Secure Page Tab URL
•       Page Tab Edit URL
•       Page Tab Image
Click the Save Changes button

Add Page Tab to Page

Enter the following URL in your browser, using the App ID that you created in the above step, and then click [Go] or press [Enter] to load the page.
This will prompt you to select the page where the tab will be installed.
That’s all for the Facebook side of things!
In the next section we will review the ProductCart settings.

Setup ProductCart


Step 1: Activate Facebook Store

Login into ProductCart’s Control Panel and navigate to the Facebook Settings
Check the box for Turn Store ON and enter the same Application ID from the steps above.
That is all for the basic settings.  
The default Facebook store uses a fully responsive layout that is designed to fill your tab page without creating scroll bars.
If you want to keep the default layout you are done!

Step 2: Customizing the Facebook Store (Optional)

    Click the display tab and uncheck the box to enable advanced settings
    Now you will be able to control the basic category layout options, such as number of rows and columns.
    Advanced Customization
    You have full control over your Facebook store’s Header and Footer.  To locate the HTML designs navigate to the “pc/theme/” directory with your favorite file editor.
    The following files control your layout:
    •       header_facebook.asp
    •       footer_facebook.asp 

Common Login

Once you have enabled your Facebook Store in ProductCart, customers will be shown a "Login with Facebook" button on the Login/Registration page on your store:


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