Installation: Uploading your ProductCart Files

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018 02:41PM EDT

Renaming the "productcart" and "pcadmin" folders

For security reasons, you should always rename the “pcadmin” folder. Most stores also choose to rename the “productcart” folder to personalize the store and pick a friendlier name for the storefront (e.g. “shop” or “store”).


You can rename these folders before or after uploading the files to the Web server. However, you should do so before you activate ProductCart using the Setup Wizard.

In ProductCart documentation, we refer to the productcart and pcadmin folders with their original names. Just remember that they may have been renamed on your Web server.

Uploading the files to the Web server

Using FTP
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol: it allows you to move files between your desktop/laptop and the Web server that will host your ProductCart-powered store. If you don't have an FTP program installed on your computer, you can find many available for download. For example, FileZilla is a free FTP utility.

Your Web hosting company may have an FTP utility built into the administration area of your Web hosting account. However, it typically cannot be used to upload lots of files at the same time. Therefore, don't use it for uploading the “unzipped” productcart folder (see below).

You can remove the “productcart/database” folder from the files that will be uploaded to the Web server as it does not need to be uploaded via FTP. Don't delete it, but rather move it elsewhere. You will need to use .SQL file contained in the folder to populate your MS SQL database.

You have two options to upload ProductCart to your Web server:

  • You can upload the productcart folder and all of its sub-folders and files, as is
  • You can first ZIP that folder, then upload the zipped file, to be unzipped on the Web server

Let's review each option separately.

Uploading unzipped files
Use your favorite FTP program to upload the productcart folder to your Web server. ProductCart is made up of over 1,000 ASP, HTML and other files, for a total of over 15 MB. Therefore, the process of uploading them to your Web server could take several minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Be patient as the file transfer completes: it is crucial that all files are correctly transferred to your server.

If for any reason the transfer is interrupted (e.g. your Internet connection is terminated), we recommend that you begin the process from scratch to make sure that all files are uploaded to the server.

Do not use Adobe Dreamweaver or another HTML editor as you FTP the client. Why? Because the synchronization utilities that they contain can negatively affect your storefront (e.g. you could inadvertently be replacing important files).

Uploading a ZIP file
Some Web hosting companies provide their customers with a “file manager” utility that gives you the option to zip/unzip files directly on the Web server. If that is the case, you should take advantage of this tool as follows:

  • ZIP the productcart folder on your desktop
  • FTP the zipped file to the Web server (typically in the “root”, i.e. the top level directory)
  • Load the file manager in your Web hosting account administration area
  • Unzip the *.ZIP file that you have just uploaded
  • When the process has been completed (it could take a little while as many files need to be processed), click on the unzipped “productcart” folder to make sure that it does not contain another “productcart” folder, but rather several folders including “pc”, “includes”, etc.

If it contains another productcart folder, that's because some unzip utilities automatically unzip the files to a folder with the name of the ZIP file.

If that is the case, move the second productcart folder to the root (or to where it should be located)



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