Manage Sales Tax With Avalara

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018 09:10AM EST
ProductCart has teamed up with Avalara to include the most powerful tools available for calculating and managing sales tax on your store.

Setting up your Avalara Account

This option requires you to have an account set up with Avalara and some set up completed on the Avalara site before ProductCart can correctly calculate sales tax on your store. Contact to sign up.

If you've already signed up with Avalara, you can log in to access your account here:

When you complete the Avalara account set up, you will be provided an account number and license code. You will also need to specify a company code with Avalara for each store on which you want to use Avalara. Any questions about your Avalara account set up should be directed to Avalar support:

Setting up Taxes in ProductCart

To get started using Avalara in ProductCart log in to your Control Panel and under the Settings menu item choose Manage Taxes
If you already have options set for managing taxes click Restart Tax Wizard.
If you have not set up any options for managing taxes before the wizard will start automatically.
  1. Answer yes to the question "Does your company pay taxes in the United States?" and click Continue.
  2. Answer yes to the question "Does your company have a physical presence in any of the following US states?" and click Continue.
  3. Under the Avalara option click Continue. Enter the information provided to you by Avalara.
  • Account Number
    This is the account number from your first email from Avalara.
  • License Key
    This key was included in your first email from Avalara.
  • Company Code
    This is the unchangeable company code that you selected when you set up your company in the Avalara Admin Console.
  • Global Product Tax Code
    If applicable for your company.
  • Global Shipping Tax Code
    If applicable for your company.
  • Global Handling Fee Code
    If applicable for your company.
  • Development / Production
    Select whether your company is in development (test company) or production (live site).
  • Enable Avalara
    Check this to turn Avalara ON.
  • Enable Logging
    Enable this to obtain a log of the details being sent to the Avalara tax calculation service.
  • Enable Address Validation
    This option allows you to verify that a real address has been entered, ensuring that the correct tax amounts will be calculated.
  • Enable Document Committing

  • Tax Wholesale Customers
    Choose yes to charge sales tax to wholesale customers. Choose no to exclude wholesale customers.
Click Update and Continue. You will be shown the tax settings screen. If ProductCart is able to communicate with your Avalara account you should see two green messages. One confirms that the connection to Avalara was successful and another saying your store is currently using Avalara as the tax system.


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