Use the Product Configurator as a Quote Request Only System

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 11:00AM EST


ProductCart Configurator has unique features that allow you to turn off the “e-commerce” functionality with just one click. This can be done either store-wide (all Configurable Products are affected) or individually at the Configurable Product level.

This feature, combined with the ability to allow customers to save and submit quotes, transforms the into a Request For Quote system.

Switching to a quoting system

You can setup ProductCart Configurator to behave as a quoting system: purchasing is disabled until the quote has been reviewed and finalized by the store managers. You can do so at the store level and/or at the Configurable Product level.
  • Store-wide
    To enforce this behavior store-wide, check the “Disallow Purchasing” check box under "Product Configurator Settings > Quoting Settings".

  • Product-specific
    If Disallow Purchasing is not enforced store-wide, you can turn it on at the Configurable Product level. You do so when you add or modify a Configurable Product. There, Disallow Purchasing is set to “No” by default. When you enable this feature, you have two options:
    • Show Prices
    • Hide Prices

      In this second case no prices are shown so the customer is truly requesting a quote (with no indication of that the final price will be). Prices, however, are indeed shown in the Control Panel when the store manager reviews the request for quote (assuming the customer decides to submit it).



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