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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018 02:17PM EST
If your store receives a large amount of orders, you can search for a specific order using the Orders > Locate an Order feature. The page is divided into 4 sections. In the top section ProductCart lists a summary of orders received that day. The other three sections of the page allow you to look for an order using a variety of filters.
  • Search orders by date and status
    Just like on the View All Orders page, you can filter orders by using a date range and/or order and payment status.

  • Search by keyword
    Select the criteria that you would like to use in your search and enter the corresponding keyword. Click on the Search button to run the search.

  • To look for a specific order, select Order ID, enter the order number. If you incremented the order number using the Order Number Increase field on the Store Settings page, ProductCart will take that number into account. So you can simply enter the order number as it is shown in the Control Panel.

  • To look for all orders that contain a certain product or product type, select Product and enter a keyword that is part of the product name.

  • To look for all orders that were shipped using a specific shipping service, select Shipping Type and enter a keyword that is part of the shipping method. For example, to look for orders that were shipped using UPS Ground, you could enter “ground”.

  • To look for orders placed from a specific state or country, select State Code or Country Code and enter the corresponding code. For example, for a list of orders placed from the state of California, enter “ca”, not “California”.

  • Search by payment type
    Select the payment type from the drop-down menu, and then click on the Search button to run the search. The drop-down lists all payment methods currently active on your store.

The search results page is structured just like the View All Orders page. Incomplete orders are not shown among the search results.

You can also search orders by customer. The Locate a Customer feature allows you to quickly view all the orders placed by a specific customer.


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