Transfer ProductCart Inventory to QuickBooks On-Demand

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014 02:24PM EDT

Overview of On-Demand Product Transfer

Use this feature if you have inventory in ProductCart that you want to transfer to QuickBooks. This feature is especially useful if you are new to QuickBooks and are starting out with a new company file. The feature allows you to search for products by a wide range of criteria and then transfer them to QuickBooks as Inventory Parts, Non-Inventory Parts, Services, or Inventory Assembly Items.

We strongly recommend that you back-up your QuickBooks company file before executing operations such as this one. On Demand Product Transfer can substantially change your Item List in QuickBooks, adding many new items that are being imported from your Web store. A back-up allows you to quickly restore your company file to its status before the transfer, if needed.

Using Product Transfer

To run this feature select one of the following options:
  • All Products - Transfers all inventory in your database (not recommended)
  • Locate products that you would like to transfer (recommended)
  • All Products in a range - Select a numeric range of products

Users of the Apparel Add-On may also choose to:
  • Not transfer sub-products
  • Only transfer sub-products
  • Include both

Lastly, select the type of item that will be generated for the selected products. When you are finished selecting options click “Continue”. At this point you may be asked to select from a range of search criteria (depending on the option you selected in step one).

To finalize the transfer:
  • Schedule: click the “Transfer Products” button to schedule the task, which will now be shown in the Pending Operations tab of the Support Console.
  • Execute: run Web Connector to execute the task (click on Update Selected in Web Connector)

Remember that the transfer will not occur until you run the Web Connector. If your Web Connector is on a schedule you can wait until its next scheduled run, or you can manually tell Web Connector to run now using the Update Selected button on the Web Connector window.

Transfer Rules

  • For each selected product in your store's database QuickBooks will create a new item on your Item List.
  • If an item with the same SKU already exists in QuickBooks a new item will not be created.
  • The product SKU will be truncated to 31 characters to fit into QuickBooks.
  • The product SKU will be the QuickBooks Item Name/Number and the product name will be the QuickBooks item Description.
  • Exported products will be automatically mapped to the new items in QuickBooks and therefore inventory synchronization will be active for them, assuming that this feature has been turned off.

Reviewing the Transfer Results

To see whether the product transfer had the results you expected, select Lists > Item List in your QuickBooks company file and review whether the items were correctly created. If not, see the Troubleshooting section below.


The products that you thought you had transferred to QuickBooks do not appear in the QuickBooks Item List. What happened?
  1. Transfer not executed
    Make sure that you have scheduled and executed the transfer. If the product transfer is visible on the Pending Operations tab of the Support Console, run Web Connector to execute it.
  2. Transfer executed with errors
    Load the Support Console and locate the last instance of the Push Inventory task (this is the technical task name for the On Demand Product Transfer feature). What do the Operation Details say?
    • The name “xxxxx” is already in use: you are trying to export an item that already exists. Remember that the SKU is used as the Item Name/Number in QuickBooks and duplicate items are not allowed.
    • The inventory account is invalid: make sure that an Inventory Asset Account has been correctly created in your QuickBooks file.
    • XML Errors: it could be that your product names contain special characters or HTML tags that are causing issues within the XML syntax. Try “cleaning up” the product names and retry.


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