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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2014 02:46PM EST

ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks® allows users of Product Cart's shopping cart software to effortlessly synchronize many aspects of their online store with their QuickBooks Financials software, saving time and money.

The ProductCart QuickBooks Synchronizer takes advantage of the QuickBooks Web Connector to provide true synchronization capabilities (without needing to import and export data between your ProductCart-powered store and your QuickBooks company file). For instance, you can have your QuickBooks desktop automatically connect to your online store to download the day's orders every afternoon at 4pm.
Since there are 3 applications involved (ProductCart, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Web Connector), the setup process requires that you carefully and closely follow the steps outlined in this User Guide. You must read this document to be able to successfully start using ProductCart Synchronizer for use with QuickBooks.

Setup Wizard Overview

After preparing your Quickbooks and preparing your ProductCart, the ProductCart QuickBooks Add-On Setup Wizard will help get you started as quickly as possible. The wizard will quide you through the installation process. Then you will complete a short interview so you can tell ProductCart how you want to use the software (e.g. auto or manual mode). The choices you make now will determine how the QuickBooks Add-on exchanges information with your QuickBooks software. So please read each question carefully.

Before you run the setup wizard you must first read the sections "Preparing Your QuickBooks" and "Preparing Your ProductCart".

Once you have completed the preparation sections, you may begin the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard will guide you through each of the steps outlined below.

You can start the Wizard by selecting "Synchronize with QuickBooks" link from the Reports menu of your ProductCart Control Panel.

Updating the database

Once all the files have been transferred to the Web server, the first step you need to take is to update the store database. You MUST update the database immediately after uploading the files, or errors will occur in the Control Panel when you attempt to use the QuickBooks Add-on.

To update the database, go to the following page, where “www.myStore.com” is the domain name of your store and “pcadmin” is the name of your admin folder.


This folder has very likely been renamed with a unique name in your installation of ProductCart. If the "productcart" or "store" directory is not in the root, adjust the file path accordingly. If you are using ProductCart v2.75 and above, you might have also renamed the “productcart” folder. If that is the case, adjust the path to the file accordingly.

When the  'QB_upddb.asp'  page is loaded in your browser, the window shown below will be displayed.

Select the database type and execute the update. At the end of the update procedure, you will see a confirmation screen indicating that the update was successful. You can now log back into the Control Panel and start using the QuickBooks Synchronizer Add-on. If you receive an error message, make sure that the database file has read/write permissions assigned to the Internet user. If this is not the issue, please submit a support request.

Note that since the QuickBooks Synchronizer Add-on does not overwrite any existing ProductCart file…
  • There is no way for ProductCart to know that the QuickBooks Add-on files have been uploaded to the server, and therefore when you log into the Control Panel after uploading the files you will not be automatically redirected to the database update page. You will have to manually enter the URL in the browser address field to load the page and initiate the database update.
  • Your ProductCart store version number will not be modified.
  • Your ProductCart navigation will now include a link to the QuickBooks Add-on. To load the QuickBooks Add-on, go to the following page (and add it to the Favorites links in your browser), where “www.myStore.com” is the domain name of your store and “pcadmin” is the name of your admin folder. http://www.myStore.com/productcart/pcadmin/QB_Default.asp

None of the existing database tables are altered. New tables are added to the store database. All of the tables begin with the prefix  pcQB_. If for any reason you want to remove an installation of the original QuickBooks Add-on and restart the new QuickBooks Synchronizer installation completely from scratch, you can delete all the tables that begin with the  pcQB_  prefix. All data related to the original QuickBooks Add-on will be lost.

Install Required QuickBooks Component (QuickBooks Web Connector)

The ProductCart QuickBooks Add-On communicates with QuickBooks using a tool called the Web Connector. Install the Web Connector on your local computer. You must install Web Connector on the computer running QuickBooks.

Step Two: Granting Access

Create a username and password for QuickBooks to connect with ProductCart.

Step Three: Connect with QuickBooks Web Connector

In Step One we installed the Web Connector. In Step Two we created user security credentials. Now we may connect ProductCart with the Web Connector. This process is completed using a special configuration file. Click “Activate Web Connector” below. You will be prompted to save or open the configuration file. Click “Save” and follow the instructions in the”Activating Web Connector Guide”.

Technical Support

Extensive documentation is available on this support base. A user forum dedicated to the QuickBooks integration is available on the ProductCart Web site. If you need to submit a support request, please note that this application requires Technical Support Incidents.

QuickBooks® is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.


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