Manage Gift Wrapping

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2018 03:28PM EST

Manage Gift Wrapping

ProductCart allows you to offer your customers multiple gift wrapping options as they checkout. Customers will be able to select among the wrapping options available to them by viewing a graphical example of each wrapping option (if you provide one). They will also be able to add a note to go with the wrapped gift.

In order to offer gift wrapping on your store, you will need to turn the feature on and configure a number of settings. By default, Gift Wrapping is off. From the Settings menu, select Manage Gift Wrapping to configure a series of store-wide settings that relate to gift wrapping,listed below.

Show Gift Wrapping Options During Checkout

Click Yes to turn on Gift Wrapping on your store.

Show Gift Wrapping "Overview"

You can show a different message on the shopping cart page (where the customer is notified of the items for which gift wrapping is available) and on the checkout page (where gift wrapping options are chosen).

Available Gift Wrapping Options

Use the middle section of the Gift Wrapping Settings page to add, edit or remove the gift wrapping options that you want to make available to your customers. For each gift wrapping option that you add to your store, you can specify a name, image (optional), and price (optional).
  • If an image is specified, the image is shown to customers on the gift wrapping option selection page, which is described in the following section.
  • If a price is specified, the price is added to the order total
The Gift Wrapping options that are added to the store will be presented for any product that the customer wants gift-wrapped (and that does not belong to the product exclusion list). You cannot associate specific gift wrapping options with a certain set of products.

Product Exclusions

There may be products in your store catalog that cannot be gift wrapped, such as:
  • Downloadable Products
  • Bulky Items
  • Services

Use this feature to select all the items that cannot be gift wrapped. When a customer adds products to the shopping cart, and the store offers gift wrapping options, the customer is notified of whether or not a product can be gift wrapped, as shown in the example above.

The shopping cart page will only allow a customer to check a product for gift wrapping if the product is not listed in the product exclusion list defined on the Gift Wrapping Settings page. You can easily add or remove products from the list at any time.

Custom Messages for Gift Wrapping

There are two places where you can create a custom message to show your customers:
  • Message on the Shopping Cart Page
  • Message on the Checkout Page
Use these opportunities to upsell your products and services.

Available Gift Wrapping Options

You can set up multiple gift wrapping options  for your customers to choose from. Create as many or as little options as you would like. You also have the option to set a price on your gift wrapping options.

Product Exclusions

By default, when you select to Turn On the gift wrapping options, all products are included. This section lets you exclude products from the gift wrapping service.
  • Click Add New to add product exclusions
  • You are prompted to search your store for desired products
  • After determining your criteria, you can easily select and unselect multiple products

Don't forget to save your changes!



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