ProductCart Store Activation Information

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018 03:13PM EDT

Store Activation

The following is a description of the fields displayed on the page:
  • Key ID- An alphanumeric string of characters that uniquely identifies your store. This is part of the ProductCart license that you should have received when you purchased your copy of ProductCart. Save this information for future reference.
  • User ID- A temporary, random user name assigned to you. This is part of the ProductCart license that you should have received when you purchased your copy of ProductCart. You will be able to change the User ID through the Control Panel, after you have activated the store.
  • Password- A temporary password assigned to you. This is part of the ProductCart license that you should have received when you purchase your copy of ProductCart, and it can be changed at any time after activating the software. Enter the same password in the Confirm Password field to ensure that you have not inadvertently misspelled it.
  • Store URL- This is the path to the productcart folder that you have uploaded to your store. If you uploaded the productcart folder to your root directory, this path coincides with your store URL, e.g. "". If you placed the productcart folder in a subdirectory called mystore, the URL would be "". If you rename the “productcart” folder, remember to edit the corresponding variable in the file “includes/productcartfolder.asp”.

Using a consistent Domain Name across the store, including the SSL certificate if you have one is very important.
  • Database Type- ProductCart will detect the database type from the connection string. Confirm that it is correct.
  • Connection String- This field will be pre-filled with the database connection string that you have entered on the previous screen, and which was validated by the Setup Wizard.
  • Pounds vs. Kilograms- This option allows you configure your store to handle weights with either pounds or kilograms. ProductCart supports both. This setting is NOT easily changed once the store is live. Select the weight measuring unit that applies to your store.
Fill out the setup form completely and press the Activate button. Note that all entries are required and case sensitive. If the activation is successful, the Control Panel log in page will be displayed. Refer to the next section for information about logging into your Control Panel.

For security reasons, make sure you keep your License Key, User ID and Password in a safe place. The password protects unauthorized access to your store’s Control Panel. The License Key is used by ProductCart not only to uniquely identify your store, but also to encrypt and decrypt personal information stored in the store database, To reduce the changes of unauthorized access to your Control Panel, please review the security recommendations mentioned earlier in this chapter.

ProductCart automatically renames the setup folder to a new, random numeric name, if the Web server has Delete/Modify permissions on that folder. This security measure is meant to minimize the chances of a hacker attempting to gain access to the system by using the forms that are part of the Setup Wizard. Note that once the store has been activated, you can safely remove the “Setup” folder (whether or not it has been removed).


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