Activating Your Store: ProductCart Setup Wizard

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018 03:10PM EDT

Follow These Steps to Run the ProductCart Setup Wizard

Before you run the ProductCart Setup  Wizard, make sure you have completed the following: If you've done all of the above, load the following page, where “” is the domain name of your e-commerce Web site (remember that you might have renamed the productcart folder)

Checklist and Recommendations

The ProductCart Setup Wizard consists of a few steps outlined in the window that is initially displayed to you. First you will be asked to review an “Activation Checklist”, whose purpose is to make sure that you have everything you need to quickly get started with ProductCart.

Then, ProductCart will encourage you to review a series of Security Recommendations that are meant to minimize unauthorized access to your store and store data. If you are using a MS Access database, it is a good idea to review them now since some of them involve editing the database connection.

Defining a Database Connection

ProductCart supports both DSN and DSN-less database connection methods. You will be required to provide a database connection string in the next step of the Setup Wizard: that connection string tells ProductCart how to connect to your store database.

The Setup Wizard will test the validity of your database connection string and only allow you to activate ProductCart if you have a valid database connection. The procedure to activate your copy of ProductCart is discussed in the next section. Below are examples of connections strings that you may use.

Using a DSN-less Connection

A DSN-less connection is typically faster than a DSN connection, and it is recommended. There are several ways to connect to a database using a DSN-less connection. You should inquire with your Web hosting company to see which one they recommend. Here is an example connection string that will work with most servers.


Here “SERVER-IP” is the server’s IP address, “DB-NAME” is the name of the database, and “USER” and “PWD” are the user name and password that grant access to it (your web hosting provider can help you obtain your server's IP address and retrieve your database name, user and password).:
Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=SERVER-IP,1433;Initial Catalog=DB-NAME;User Id=USER;Password=PWD;

If you run into issues, try the following:

Verifying Port in SQL Server Manager

  1. Open the SQL Server Manager
  2. Expand Databases Folder
  3. Right-Mouse Click (Your SQL Server Name) and Click Properties
  4. Click Network Configuration
  5. Click TCP/ IP then Properties
  6. Verify Default Port is Set to 1433 and Click "OK"
  7. Click OK 3 Times
  8. If you had to change the Default Port, then you must restart the MSSQL Server Service

Disabling Dynamic Port on DSN

  1. In control Panel, open the ODBC Data Source Administrator
  2. On the System DSN tab, Select the appropriate DSN (ProductCart) and click configure
  3. Click Next in the Microsoft SQL Server DSN Configuration dialog box
  4. Click client configuration
  5. Uncheck Dynamically Determine Port
  6. Click OK
  7. Click next 3 times
  8. Click Test Data Source
  9. Click OK 3 Times


Web Server Compatibility Check

The Setup Wizard will then run a series of tests to verify that your Web server is ready to host a ProductCart-powered store, including checking the validity of your database connection string. The tests are:
  • Whether or not the Web server supports “parent paths”. For more information about running ProductCart on a store that has parent paths disabled, see the corresponding section earlier in this chapter.
  • Whether the correct folder permissions have been set.
  • Whether a valid database connection string has been entered.
  • Whether the store has one or more e-mail components installed, so you can select a supported e-mail component when configuring e-mail settings.
  • Whether an XML parser exists on the server
The results page will provide information on each of the tests. If everything is ready, proceed to the next step, where you can enter your license information and finish the activation process. Otherwise, correct any problem found by the Wizard and run the tests again (e.g. folder permissions have not been correctly set, or the database connection string is invalid).

Next is the ProductCart Activation Screen.



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