Installation: Setting Folder Permissions

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2018 03:00PM EDT

Required folder permissions

Now that the store folder with all of its sub-folders has been uploaded to your Web server, you will need to edit the permissions so that ProductCart can write and delete files in many of those folders. ProductCart needs special permissions to do so because it saves all kinds of documents (e.g. logs, export and import documents, images, etc.) and sometimes deletes files as well (e.g. when re-creating the files that store frequently used store settings). 

If you have access to the server directly or through a Remote Desktop Connection you can right click the required folders, select properties and make the required changes in the security tab. If you have a user interface set up by your hosting provider you should follow their instructions to change the settings for the required files.

Set the following folder permissions for the “Internet User” (IUSR) or the “Everyone”:
  • READ/WRITE on the store folder and all of its files and folders.
  • READ/WRITE/DELETE on the store/includes folder and all of its files and folders
  • READ/WRITE/DELETE on the store/pcadmin folder and all of its files and folders
In other words, all folders contained in the store folder should have “read/write” access, and the includes and pcadmin folders should also have “delete” access. Note that “delete” can also be referred to as “modify” access in some Web hosting company administration tools, or be included by default as part of the permissions set when you assign “write” access.

How to set folder permissions

Many Web hosting companies provide their customers with an administration area that allows them to change folder permissions. Some other Web hosting companies require that you send a message to their technical support department. If so, send a message that says something like “Please add ‘read/write’ permissions to the ‘store’ folder and its sub-folders, and ‘read/write/delete’ access to the ‘store/includes’ sub-folder”
They should be able to perform this task very quickly.

If you don’t know whether your Web hosting company provides the ability to edit folder permissions, or do not feel comfortable performing this task, ask your Web hosting provider for assistance. Another option is to have NetSource Commerce or your ProductCart reseller install ProductCart for you.



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